A return to writing and a protest at Lathrop Homes

Okay I’m back. I realize I keep saying this. I also keep hoping it is true. I have been writing, just not here. If you’re interested, I started a personal blog that focuses mainly on anxiety, a recent running injury, and my thoughts on the world in general. Writing about myself was a bit of a […]

Saving bungalows and creating affordable housing in Seattle

A former librarian in Seattle is proposing an excellent addition to the mayor’s recent housing goals: rather than raze historical bungalows (and other single family houses) in favor of condos and low-density buildings, convert portions of existing homes into rental units. This is far from a revolutionary idea, but it is one that is often […]

February Roundup: Seven Stories in the News

    Another month and here we are: roundup time. Here are a few stories that caught my eye this month. 1) Fremont wake mourns loss of affordable housing -Rising rents and new developments are pricing out longtime residents of this Seattle neighborhood. To bring attention to their cause, a group of former and current area residents held […]

SRO preservation now mandated by Chicago Municipal Code

During the 1990s, the rate of poverty in Chicago decreased by 17 percent. As city residents accumulated wealth, affordable housing diminished. Chicago began phasing out housing projects, and landlords began converting single room occupancy buildings (SROs) into market-rate apartments and condominiums. Between 1973 and 1994, the city lost close to 40,000 affordable units to demolition, […]