Housing vs. Community Garden: which is the more valuable use of land?

A few months ago I read about a housing development proposed for construction on the site of the community-run Elizabeth Street Garden in New York City and was struck (as I often am) by how one good choice often comes at the expense of another. I support both housing and community spaces (especially gardens) and […]

Can Mayor de Blasio achieve mandatory AND permanent affordable housing?

New York City Mayor de Blasio and the City Council have big plans to overhaul the city’s affordable housing laws.¬†Under New York’s current inclusionary zoning plan, developers voluntarily¬†include affordable housing in rezoned buildings (buildings that are taller or larger than is allowed under zoning law) in exchange for certain tax breaks and incentives. This is […]

Is the ADL’s lawsuit against New York City worthwhile?

Should the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sue New York City for its practice of setting aside fifty percent of unit in new affordable housing buildings for existing neighborhood residents? The League says the practice encourages whites to stay in place, discourages social mobility (since minorities will be less likely to move into good –white –neighborhoods where […]

The affordable housing program that wasn’t

The headline of a recent New York Times article reads “In program to spur affordable housing, $100 million penthouse gets 95% tax cut.” Like many of the protesters featured in the article, I was outraged to hear this news. According to the author, there is a widely used tax-credit program in New York City, the […]