Amazon is Coming to Town

Yeah, okay, it’s happening again. Don’t hesitate. Don’t prevaricate. Just write. Housing, of course, has not improved since I last wrote here. Some could argue (and I have) that things have taken a decided downturn since Ben Carson was put in charge of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Hurricanes Maria (and others!) […]

Affordable housing in the news

I haven’t written a new post in weeks. This is in part due to an unusually busy schedule but also (and probably mostly) in part to the lack of connection I have felt lately to this blog. I still care passionately about affordable housing, but I haven’t been able to muster interest in research and […]

Preserving housing along The 606

Residents living along the route of Chicago’s new recreational trail The 606 (also known as Bloomingdale Trail) are, as predicted, feeling the pressure of gentrification. For low-income families, this could mean a forced exodus further west, away from the city, where rents and property values remain low.  Mayor Emanuel promised to help preserve affordable housing […]

Infusing affordable housing with creativity

This week, it is time to be creative. I am taking a small detour from my usual essays about affordable housing to craft found poems. A found poem is one in which the lines are not original to the author, but are rearranged by the author to give the words a new and disparate meaning. Basically, […]

Are whites the only gentrifiers?

I have a lot of questions about gentrification and race. Specifically about the relationship with black and white people and the creation of neighborhood change. Are their different versions of gentrification within different racial communities?  Is there room for diversity? Can neighborhoods gentrify and retain their minority populations? Or is the white demographic essential? If […]

Gentrification and naivite

Gentrification is a phenomenon of neighborhood change. Higher-income people, drawn by inexpensive housing, move into lower-income areas and gradually raise the economic base until the original low-income residents can no longer afford to live in their community. Affordable housing units are redeveloped into condominiums and market-rate apartments, and once-stable populations are displaced. Learning about this process, and witnessing its […]