On violence and understanding

I wrote a post on my other blog, and it feels relevant to share a link link here, too, since the subject is oppression and racism. This is all linked to inadequate housing, poverty, unequal treatment of people. I have a lot of confusion in my mind right now. I am a little embarrassed to […]

A poem for the holidays

In the midst of the often chaotic holiday season and an always chaotic new cycle, I invite you to pause, and observe your surroundings, and reflect on the details in your life, both present and illusive. Omnipresent I looked upon slender birches And remembered your white beauty, In the woodcocks’ call from their clay banks, […]

A Story’s End

  My friend Hassan walked into Lake Michigan last week. He was found by a stranger. The paramedics were too late. He  had been a soldier in Saddam Hussein’s army before deserting and seeking asylum in a refugee camp. He was given a  choice, in the camp, between three countries: Australia, Canada and the United […]