Gentrification and naivite

Gentrification is a phenomenon of neighborhood change. Higher-income people, drawn by inexpensive housing, move into lower-income areas and gradually raise the economic base until the original low-income residents can no longer afford to live in their community. Affordable housing units are redeveloped into condominiums and market-rate apartments, and once-stable populations are displaced. Learning about this process, and witnessing its […]

GLBT housing now a reality in Long Island and Chicago

Last week, the Long Island GLBT Network (The Network) announced a new Bay Shore housing development marketed directly to and for members of the GLBT senior community.  While the Fair Housing Act mandates that the units be available to everyone (and they will be), publicity materials will emphasize the inclusive nature of the community, and extra efforts will […]

The case for linkage fees

The Seattle City Council is trying to fast track a measure that would add automatic linkage fees to new development throughout the city. This means developers of new buildings would pay between $5 and $22 per square foot into an affordable housing trust fund. This tax would vary depending on the economic strength of the neighborhood, […]