Keeping the Promise Ordinance in Chicago’s City Council today

The Chicago Housing Initiative and supporting Aldermen are introducing the┬áKeeping the Promise Ordinance┬áto Chicago’s City Council today. The Ordinance will create oversight and accountability for the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) by requiring the CHA to report to the Council on a quarterly basis; to replace each demolished unit with another unit on a one-for-one basis […]

SRO preservation now mandated by Chicago Municipal Code

During the 1990s, the rate of poverty in Chicago decreased by 17 percent. As city residents accumulated wealth, affordable housing diminished. Chicago began phasing out housing projects, and landlords began converting single room occupancy buildings (SROs) into market-rate apartments and condominiums. Between 1973 and 1994, the city lost close to 40,000 affordable units to demolition, […]