Keeping the Promise Ordinance in Chicago’s City Council today

The Chicago Housing Initiative and supporting Aldermen are introducing the Keeping the Promise Ordinance to Chicago’s City Council today. The Ordinance will create oversight and accountability for the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) by requiring the CHA to report to the Council on a quarterly basis; to replace each demolished unit with another unit on a one-for-one basis […]

Supportive services are necessary in updated New Jersey housing plans

The case for housing the mentally ill: it is less expensive and more productive.  In light of the recent New Jersey ruling mandating that municipalities submit their affordable housing plans to the state Supreme Court, Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services urges local housing authorities to consider integrating wraparound services for people with mental illness (such as counseling […]

A Republican in favor of affordable housing?

Republican Rep. Robert Dold met with housing advocates July 1 to discuss strategies for erasing affordable housing’s stigma. Dold has gone against party lines recently to support housing. In 2014, he issued a controversial statement congratulating a Wilmette non-profit on securing a large housing grant (controversial because it meant he supported increasing the number of […]

Negatives of affordable housing are a myth 

Republicans have succeeded in suppressing affordable housing as a result (this article in The Chron proposes) of deeply embedded cultural myths about public housing and its residents. The process of normalizing and creating public support for housing requires a campaign to dispel these myths. Providing facts about affordable housing (it does not breed crime, it is […]