Federal funds can no longer create segregation, however inadvertent (I hope)

The New York Times published an informative editorial outlining the history, implications, and reasoning of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Fair Housing Act. The piece describes the racial segregation propagated by developers who use federal tax credits to build more affordable housing in already depressed areas. 

The excuse of economic development rarely produces results; instead, segregation and poverty proliferate. Using federal money to fund these racially and economically isolated buildings reinforces the (potentially unconscious) social belief that poor, nonwhite people deserve to fail. If they cannot even succeed when given shiny new apartments (the argument might go) how can they be trusted to live in our (white, gentrifying, well-off, thriving, amenity-rich) neighborhoods? Building homes for poor people in already poor neighborhoods is simply the current fad for keeping out the undesirables. That the federal government has been complicit in such actions is proof that the need for the civil rights movement is ongoing. 

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