On violence and understanding

I wrote a post on my other blog, and it feels relevant to share a link link here, too, since the subject is oppression and racism. This is all linked to inadequate housing, poverty, unequal treatment of people. I have a lot of confusion in my mind right now. I am a little embarrassed to […]

Lawyers step up to defend people being evicted from Pittsburgh public housing 

The Pittsburgh office of international law firm Reed Smith recently began offering it’s services to people facing evictions from public housing. Since these cases are heard in civil and not criminal court, defendants are not entitled to a court-appointed lawyer. The team at Reed Smith works on a pro-bono basis to help clients file paperwork, […]

Stockton development creates affordability by favoring bikes and transit over cars

Anchor Village, which will serve 51 veteran and mentally disabled families, is one of the developments proposed for funding under California’s new cap-and-trade financed affordable housing grants. The development is in Stockton (one of the poorest area’s in the state) and is sited on a vacant lot near multiple bus stops and a train stop. […]

The federal government should not bear all the blame for poor affordable housing funding

Mother Jones breaks down the newly released study by the Urban Institute which showed that in no county in the United States is there sufficient housing for extremely low-income families (those who earn thirty percent or less of the area median income, or AMI). The onus of this disparity is placed on the lack of […]

California’s cap and trade funds to support affordable, sustainable housing 

California has just announced $122 million in grant money to find affordable housing projects throughout the state. The money comes from the state’s cap and trade fund, which come from fees payed by corporations to offset their environmental impact. All approved projects will be eco-friendly, located near transit, and include a community-based component. This is […]

Gentrification and naivite

Gentrification is a phenomenon of neighborhood change. Higher-income people, drawn by inexpensive housing, move into lower-income areas and gradually raise the economic base until the original low-income residents can no longer afford to live in their community. Affordable housing units are redeveloped into condominiums and market-rate apartments, and once-stable populations are displaced. Learning about this process, and witnessing its […]

Definitions now available

This week, in lieu of a post, I have written a new section of the site, “Definitions,” in which I explain common affordable housing terms. This is an ongoing project, and by no means complete today. If there are any words in particular you would like explained, please let me know in the comments.

Adding my blog to Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is a clearinghouse for blogs, sorted by category. I am adding my blog to their list, to increase my exposure and allow more people to find my affordable housing ramblings. Click this link to find me: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Thanks!

GLBT housing now a reality in Long Island and Chicago

Last week, the Long Island GLBT Network (The Network) announced a new Bay Shore housing development marketed directly to and for members of the GLBT senior community.  While the Fair Housing Act mandates that the units be available to everyone (and they will be), publicity materials will emphasize the inclusive nature of the community, and extra efforts will […]