Affordable Housing: An Explanation

  While outlining my ideas for this blog, I realized that the language of affordable housing is obscure. The information surrounding housing is convoluted, confusing and copious. It is scattered throughout programs overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as other, related, federal and local government agencies. Some programs, such […]

A Story’s End

  My friend Hassan walked into Lake Michigan last week. He was found by a stranger. The paramedics were too late. He ┬áhad been a soldier in Saddam Hussein’s army before deserting and seeking asylum in a refugee camp. He was given a ┬áchoice, in the camp, between three countries: Australia, Canada and the United […]

And so it begins

I have been dragging my feet for way to0 long in the process of creating this blog. Why? Because having my own space, and not just a subdomain on .tumblr seems adult and legitimate and, therefore, terrifying. And so I have spent weeks (months) planning and plotting and trying to convince myself that it is […]