And so it begins

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I have been dragging my feet for way to0 long in the process of creating this blog. Why? Because having my own space, and not just a subdomain on .tumblr seems adult and legitimate and, therefore, terrifying. And so I have spent weeks (months) planning and plotting and trying to convince myself that it is good to take my time and not rush a decision. In reality, of course, all I have been doing is avoiding a commitment. Avoiding the work that I know will come with having my own independent blog.

Even though I know my readership will be small to nothing at first, I am compelled to deliver good and worthy content. There is probably no distinction between the legitimacy of this blog and my tumblr account, but nevertheless I feel an increase in responsibility.

Having a blog has been a secret dream of my mine for years. As such, it acquired an ephemeral quality. A product of daydreams but never of reality.

I spoke about my future blog only in the vaguest of terms -“someday” was a common reference point. If I mentioned it enough in casual conversation and in my fantasies, perhaps it would materialize. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz repeating “there’s no place like home” until she awakens in her bed surrounded by family and friends, I hoped repeating,“I will have a blog” enough times, one day I would awaken to find one (complete with an avid group of followers) waiting for me on my computer. Good things happen to good people, right? And, attitude is half the battle? So they say, and so I hoped.

But today the time has came to (wo)man up and take action. I have many ideas in place, written in various notebooks and with various amounts of detail. Today is the day I move forward. Today is the day my blog begins.

What follows will be an exploration of the stories behind the people who live in affordable housing. Since I live in Chicago, much of the information will be Chicago-based. I hope, however, to also include information on a national scale because the housing crisis is not localized. Through a combination of personal essays and news stories I hope to convey that the residents of affordable housing, however poor or down on their luck they may be, are people who deserve respect.

Please bear with me in the following weeks as I learn how to optimize this website.


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