About this site

Everyone is affected (in one way or another) by housing. Some cannot afford rent, some want more (or less) rental housing in their neighborhoods. Some are advocates, or writers, or social workers. Some live in gentrifying neighborhoods. Some wish their neighborhoods would gentrify and improve the quality of streets, schools and neighborhood amenities. Some live in vacation destinations crammed with mansions (but nowhere for the service workers to live). Some live in cities; some live in the middle of nowhere. And some are just my goods friends and family who are used to impromptu lessons in housing policies, terms and news items. All of these people, however, come in contact with housing at some point during their day. And when these people have questions, want clarification about a new housing law, or want to read a good housing story I swoop in with an ever-growing supply of information. So please: read, enjoy, ask questions. And, most of all, learn about affordable housing and its importance for everyone.