Housing Assumptions

I did not write anything here last week because with the government shutdown and lack of obvious funding for housing I became rather depressed and hopeless. So many people throughout this country rely on the government for housing. Before the US Housing Act of 1937, individuals lived in slums, often without plumbing or oversight from […]

An Update (of sorts) on the Government Shutdown and Housing

The government is still without a budget and President Trump has stated he has no plans to sign one. The future for individuals who utilize programs funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), therefore, is tenuous. Hundreds of public housing association (PHA) contracts have already expired and hundreds more will expire within […]

Government Shutdown and Housing

The government shutdown may soon impact affordable housing. If the shutdown continues through January, public housing authorities will exhaust their current budget. Some larger authorities may have reserves that allow continued funding through February, however many will be unable to pay rents to landlords. Individuals with Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) live in private-market units […]

Aldermen Delay Housing Fund

The Bring Chicago Home initiative was officially assigned to the Rules Committee on November 13, a promising step for this important legislation. Unfortunately, on November 14, Aldermen Hopkins and Reilly prevented the measure from inclusion in the February, 2019 ballot following their right to “defer and publish.” This procedure entails deferring voting on legislation until […]

Story of the Week: ‘Bring Chicago Home’ and raise funds for affordable housing

The story I am highlighting this week is the campaign by Bring Chicago Home, a campaign of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, to increase the Real Estate Transfer Tax in Chicago. Proceeds from this increase (approximately $150 million a year) will fund affordable housing. Aldermen in the Rules Committee meeting on Friday, November 9 […]

Amazon is Coming to Town

Yeah, okay, it’s happening again. Don’t hesitate. Don’t prevaricate. Just write. Housing, of course, has not improved since I last wrote here. Some could argue (and I have) that things have taken a decided downturn since Ben Carson was put in charge of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Hurricanes Maria (and others!) […]

On violence and understanding

I wrote a post on my other blog, and it feels relevant to share a link link here, too, since the subject is oppression and racism. This is all linked to inadequate housing, poverty, unequal treatment of people. I have a lot of confusion in my mind right now. I am a little embarrassed to […]

A return to writing and a protest at Lathrop Homes

Okay I’m back. I realize I keep saying this. I also keep hoping it is true. I have been writing, just not here. If you’re interested, I started a personal blog that focuses mainly on anxiety, a recent running injury, and my thoughts on the world in general. Writing about myself was a bit of a […]

Developers in California won’t let inclusionary zoning case rest

I have been away from this blog for so long, part of me fears I have forgotten to write well about affordable housing. Still, life has reached a stabilizing point for me in the past week or so and I realized I am becoming restless without writing here. And so, to welcome what I hope […]

Affordable housing in the news

I haven’t written a new post in weeks. This is in part due to an unusually busy schedule but also (and probably mostly) in part to the lack of connection I have felt lately to this blog. I still care passionately about affordable housing, but I haven’t been able to muster interest in research and […]